How to Deposit and Cash Out at WV Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks bring sports betting access to many residents in rural West Virginia, residents that wouldn’t an opportunity to bet otherwise. Additionally, online casinos are preparing to launch a bit down the road.

With many new bettors and the drama of the BetLucky app lingering in the air, it is fair to say people want assurances their money is safe.

Be assured, your money is safe if you play at a legal and regulated online sportsbook in West Virginia.

The West Virginia Lottery regulates the gambling industry in the state. It ensures online sportsbooks comply with all laws and provides consumer protections. Many of these protections are not guaranteed when betting on offshore sites. only provides news and information about legal online betting apps in West Virginia.

How to deposit at West Virginia sportsbooks

All sportsbooks offer a way for customers to fund an online account. The availability of deposit options varies based on the sportsbook.

Currently, West Virginia has two online sportsbooks:

Each has its own deposit options which include:

  • PayPal
  • Credit or Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • ACH (e-check)
  • Bill Pay

Let’s take a look at the different deposit types more closely.

Debit and credit cards

Most online sportsbooks and online casinos in WV accept credit and debit cards. Some US banks, however, may not process transactions to an online gambling account.

Every bank has different policies regarding online gambling deposits. If your deposit is declined, call your bank and verify their policies and discuss potential alternatives.

An alternative that doesn’t involve your bank is to deposit to an e-wallet such as PayPal. Then you can use PayPal to deposit to your online gambling account.


As mentioned, PayPal is a popular e-wallet and is a great option to deposit.

PayPal is easy to use, here is how it works:

  1. Fund your PayPal account by transferring money from your bank account or deposit using a credit card.
  2. Fund your online gambling account with the PayPal deposit option.

The PayPal digital wallet acts as a middle man between your bank and the online sportsbook. You can use your credit or debit card to fund your PayPal account and then use your PayPal account to fund your online gambling account.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers wire money directly from your bank account to your online gambling account. The online sportsbook or casino will provide transfer information and depending on the bank you can generate a money transfer online or inside your local bank branch.

ACH (Electronic checks)

E-checks are another popular deposit option. It doesn’t have the same strict requirements that credit card deposits do. To process an e-check you will be asked for the routing and account numbers for your checking account.

The online sportsbook or casino processes an e-check similar to a paper check. Expect the debit to your checking account to happen within 1-2 days of initiating the process.


PayNearMe is another option to fund your online gambling account when your credit card deposits aren’t processing.

Players deposit cash at a local 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, or Family Dollar Store. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a pay code form the online sportsbook or casino
  2. Take your pay code to a PayNearMe payment location
  3. The cashier will scan the code
  4. Pay your deposit amount and collect your receipt

Every online gambling site has its own deposit requirements including minimum and maximum deposit amounts.

There are several factors that determine a maximum deposit amount, including:

  • How often a player deposits
  • A player’s account history
  • The deposit method

How to withdraw money from West Virginia online sportsbooks and casinos

Like deposit options, withdrawal methods vary by online sportsbook and casino. Additionally, withdrawal options may vary from the deposit options available at an online gambling site.

There are typically fewer withdrawal options because not all deposit options are designed to receive payments.

When available, withdrawals are first credited back to the original deposit method used.

Online sportsbooks and casinos may have a minimum withdrawal amount. It is unusual, however, to have a maximum.

Before an online sportsbook or casino will process a withdrawal, your account information must be complete and verified.

The processing time for withdrawals can vary. Additionally, the amount of time for a customer to receive the withdrawal will depend on the withdrawal method.

Bonuses and promotions at WV online sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks in West Virginia offer bonuses and promotions to attract new customers.

The available bonuses and promotions at sportsbooks may impact the amount of money you decide to deposit.

Understanding what’s available and maximizing the promotion is a great way to build your sports betting bankroll.

Nothing in life is free and that applies to bonus money, too. Bonus and promotions often come with some fine print which includes a playthrough requirement.

A playthrough requirement requires the player to play a certain amount on the site before cashing out bonus money.

Every bonus and promotional offer comes with terms and conditions. Read the requirements to ensure you are willing to meet the terms.

5 tips before you make your first online deposit in WV

Online sportsbooks and casinos want your business. They try as much as possible to make it easy to fund your account and start gambling.

However, it is up to you to ensure a positive gambling experience and that you are getting the maximum bonus and promotion money.

1. Know your legal and regulated online sports betting options

Currently, West Virginia offers two legal sportsbooks:

  • DraftKings WV Sportsbook
  • FanDuel WV Sportsbook

While online casino gambling is legal, there are no online casinos approved yet. The West Virginia Lottery estimates it will be early 2021 before the first online casino launch date in West Virginia.

What that means is if you are placing a bet on a site other than DraftKings or FanDuel or on any online casino, you are not protected by the regulations that govern legal WV gambling sites.

2. Follow West Virginia online gambling laws

A player must be 21 years old to place a bet at a WV sportsbook. Additionally, all players must be located within West Virginia state lines to place a bet.

However, a player does not need to be a resident of West Virginia to place a bet. They just need to be in the state.

3. Investigate bonus and promotions options before depositing

Before you make your first deposit, research all available offers. Some bonus offers are only available to new players or on first deposits. PlayWV lists all available offers on each WV sportsbook review page.

4. Complete your online account profile

Sportsbooks are required to verify the identity of their customers. The first step in the process is to complete your profile and follow the sportsbook’s instructions to verify your identity.

Verifying your identity not only protects you, but it also helps the sportsbook fulfill their requirements as an approved operator.

5. Research your deposit and withdrawal options

Before you can begin gambling online, you will need to figure out how you will move your money on and off your online gambling account. Additionally, realize that not all deposit and withdrawal options are immediate and plan for processing times.

Most online sportsbooks and casinos offer welcome and new player bonuses. Additionally, from time-to-time, an online sportsbook may offer an account reload bonus.

Bonuses vary by sportsbook and can change based on the time of year. You can find all the latest online sportsbook bonuses on the individual review pages for each sportsbook.

Do not assume that because your credit card is declined that something is wrong with your account. It may be that the bank is reluctant to process your transaction.

Your first step is to call your bank to see if there is a resolution. From there, you may need to consider an alternate deposit method such as PayPal or PayNearMe.

We recommend taking up any issues you may encounter with the online sportsbook or casino first. If you don’t feel your problem is adequately addressed, the next step is to contact the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

WV responsible gambling resources

If gambling stops being just for fun, it is time to seek help. West Virginia takes responsible gambling seriously and thus provides many resources for those who are experiencing issues related to problem gambling.

There are several resources available to problem gamblers or their families in West Virginia:

  • 1-800-GAMBLER — The Problem Gambling Help Network of West Virginia.
  • Gamblers Anonymous — A peer support group for problem gamblers.
  • Gam-Anon — A peer support group for families and friends of problem gamblers.
  • Gamtalk — An online discussion forum for problem gamblers.
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