Online Sportsbooks In West Virginia Showcase A Variety Of Free Games And Pools To Begin March 2021

Written By Chris Imperiale on March 2, 2021 - Last Updated on March 23, 2023

March is here, and West Virginia sportsbooks offer plenty to be excited about. Besides the wide selection of markets available, including the NBA, NHL and college basketball, sportsbooks have even more.

Nearly all of the online betting apps in WV provide some sort of free game or pool to enter on a daily basis.

While these are free to enter, the majority of them feature a prize pool that involves sizable amounts of money.

Depending on the online sportsbook, bettors in the Mountain State can probably join some type of free contest multiple times per week.

Of course, winning pools isn’t the easiest task, but when they’re completely free to play, there’s no downside.

Let’s examine all of the free options sportsbooks have in place to start off March.

DraftKings Sportsbook daily pools

Along with giving its users more than enough ways to bet on sporting events, WV DraftKings Sportsbook always has free games.

The online sportsbook usually has at least one pool available at all times, consisting of the popular games taking place that day. Most of these contests are determined by choosing outcomes for the provided game of the night.

For an NBA game, you’ll need to select which team you think will win, who will score the first basket and which player will score the most points, among other props.

If you pick enough right answers, then it’s possible you could place high enough to earn a portion of the cash prize.

Currently, DraftKings offers three pool contests to join this week to start off the month of March.

As you can see from its offerings, not all of the free pools have to do with normal games.

The Free $1K NBA All-Star Draft Pool allows you to pick how the draft for this season’s All-Star Game will go. LeBron James and Kevin Durant will announce their selections on Thursday night.

To win a part of the $1,000 prize pool, bettors need to answer 10 questions about the draft. Questions include several head-to-head matchups of who will be drafted first, and which first-time participant will be taken first.

DraftKings even allows you to bet on the weather. The online sportsbook is giving away a total of $500 to those who can predict the temperatures around the country this week.

By choosing if the high temperature in major cities around the US will be over or under a given degree, you can earn money. The top 89 entries receive a payout.

Celebrating Women’s History Month

The operator’s largest free pool is the Free $15K Women’s History Month Sports Popularity Pool.

Your objective for this one is to determine which multiple-choice answers will be the most common in all of the entries. So technically there won’t be any correct answers; you’re just looking for the general consensus.

After picking who you think users will side with for their favorite athlete in a bunch of sports, you could walk away with $500 for winning first. Athletes include legends like Lisa Leslie, Mia Hamm, Serena Williams and Simone Biles.

This pool is available through the end of March.

FanDuel Sportsbook free games

FanDuel WV also has you covered with free-to-play games at its online sportsbook.

One of the most popular you can play is its NBA InPlay. This game is essentially a live picks contest during NBA games that can win you cash prizes nightly.

For the designated games on the schedule, you’ll receive 2,000 play tokens you’ll use to wager with. With this “money,” you bet on live markets by using up to 100 tokens for each selection.

Naturally, the objective is to acquire and win as many tokens as possible. Those with the most tokens at the end of each quarter win a prize.

FanDuel pays out the top 10 finishers every quarter for available games. Prizes are applied to your account as credit and can be used on its sportsbook or fantasy app.

The leaderboard is reset following each quarter. Although apparently, ties are rare in this game, the first person to place a bet does become the tiebreaker if necessary.

On Tuesday, FanDuel is giving away $400 in prizes for two of the more important games on the docket. Customers can get a piece of the action for the game between the Clippers and Celtics, as well as the Suns-Lakers matchup.

It seems that you’ll have the opportunity to participate in two different NBA contests every night during the season.

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