West Virginia Online Sportsbooks Present Free Games For 2021 NFL Draft

Written By Chris Imperiale on April 27, 2021

Thursday’s NFL draft is nearly here, and West Virginia sportsbooks have more than enough ways to get involved. Beyond wagering on one of the many available markets, the Mountain State online sportsbooks feature free games and pools for the event.

As with recent years, the NFL draft’s first round has its own night devoted to selecting the top 32 prospects. Teams will make their first-round pick Thursday night before continuing the next two rounds on Friday.

The last four rounds will be completed on Saturday afternoon.

While the draft is certainly exciting enough for NFL fans, it can be even more interesting with a few bets. Each WV online sports betting app provides ways to win some money throughout the entire process.

The best sportsbooks give you plenty of different markets to wager on, including pick props, and odds for specific players. They also come equipped with games and pools that are completely free of charge.

Let’s take a look at the best free options available in the Mountain State before the draft gets underway Thursday evening.

DraftKings Sportsbook free NFL draft games

DraftKings Sportsbook West Virginia is highlighting multiple free pools contests for this year’s NFL draft.

On Thursday, it features its largest pool for the opening round. It includes $50,000 in prizes, and every DraftKings customer gets one free entry.

This contest involves answering questions and props regarding the first round. Several ask you to name the player for a specific pick, while others make you choose the first person taken at certain positions.

There’s even one that makes you determine the number of trades after the draft begins. In total, there are 10 questions.

Of course, the goal is to answer as many props correctly as possible. If you’re able to place within the top 9,750, you’ll earn a portion of the prize pool.

First place wins $1,000, and anyone in the top 10 can take home $100.

You must submit your entry prior to the draft starting at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Although the opening night is the most exciting, the rest of the draft is just as important. True NFL enthusiasts know the value teams find in the additional rounds after their first choice.

WV sportsbooks should introduce new odds for the next day of the draft, but DraftKings already has more free pools available.

The online sportsbook lists a free $10,000 NFL draft pool for both day two and three of the event. Here, you’ll answer another 10 questions, but these are based around the next rounds.

Which college has the most players taken on day two and the conference of the 33rd overall selection are things you’ll have to consider.

The contest for the third round has similar props, including how many players from non-Division I schools are picked that day.

Each of these pools pays out more than 5,000 entries, with first place snagging $500 in both.

FanDuel Sportsbook’s Mock the Draft

FanDuel Sportsbook WV also is ready to go for Thursday’s first round. Mountain State customers can enjoy its $20K Mock the Draft Free Play and test their skills for the beginning of the draft.

This free game is handing out $20,000 in total prizes, with $5,000 going to the top winner.

Instead of picking answers for a variety of prop bets, FanDuel makes you decide exactly which players are chosen with each selection. Essentially, you’re submitting what you think the first 10 picks in the draft are.

The interesting part of this contest is you’re not choosing which team selects each player. You’re only assigning each player to where you think they’ll be drafted in the top 10.

Naturally, trades are a big part of the NFL draft and can alter which team you think might be up in a certain spot. That being said, some of the other first few picks are basically already decided.

Besides the top payouts, a total of 30,000 FanDuel players who place in this free game will receive at least $0.25.

While you might need perfect predictions to crack one of the highest-paid spots, the prize format allows for a few mistakes.

If you feel like you don’t know enough about college football players to participate, you can find some help. There are more than a sufficient number of mock drafts online, as well as betting odds for lots of picks.

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