West Virginia Online Casino Revenue Dips Below $4.5 Million In August

Written By Chris Imperiale on September 14, 2021 - Last Updated on September 29, 2021

The West Virginia online casinos took a minor step back in the month of August, generating just shy of $4.5 million in revenue.

By no means is this a poor performance; however, it is a slight reduction compared to July’s betting figures. The Mountain State’s online options netted more than $4.7 million during the previous month.

The revenue dropped around $280,000.

While this is most likely just a little setback, it is surprising for a market that’s expanded somewhat recently. The state started offering four different online casino platforms as of May.

The revenue flow was consistent in August again but just not as productive as the month prior.

WV casinos earned over $1.2 million in weekly revenue twice in July before failing to do so last month. They also had a week where profits fell below $1.1 million, which didn’t occur in July.

Despite revenue coming up a bit short, August’s handle saw improvement. It rose to almost $142 million overall, about $6.2 million more than in July.

This figure is still well short of the around $153 million in bets from June.

Online casinos accepted well over $39 million during one week in July, whereas the best week from August totaled just $37 million.

Let’s take a more detailed look at last month’s wagering and how the individual online casinos performed.

WV Online Casino Revenue, August 2021

The nearly $4.5 million in revenue wasn’t a bad month, but it was a 6% decrease compared to July.

Although online casinos didn’t have a massive week, they have now recorded at least seven figures in revenue nine consecutive times. The last week that fell short of $1 million was June 26, when earnings were about $975,000.

For the second straight month, The Greenbrier takes the top position for overall revenue. Its combination of BetMGM Casino WV and FanDuel WV made just short of $2.4 million.

This was basically the exact same production the private resort saw in July. Its online casinos’ revenue was about $50,000 lighter this month.

August earnings might have come up a tad short, but BetMGM and FanDuel had a week to remember. They registered more than $680,000 for the week of Aug. 14, the most in over two months.

This helped beat out Hollywood Casino and its DraftKings WV mobile app. The online casino accounted for just over $1.6 million in revenue.

This production was a drop-off from last month, too. In July, DraftKings was closer to $1.9 million.

It never exceeded $500,000 in weekly revenue after doing so twice a month ago.

Mountaineer finished last among those with online casinos. Its BetRivers Casino WV was the only one to see an increase in revenue, though, with over $480,000.

This beat out last month by about $40,000.

BetRivers earned at least six figures during each report in August, including its best week of more than $130,000.

WV Online Casino Handle, August 2021

The Mountain State’s overall online handle increased 4% compared to July.

Even though weekly wagers never eclipsed $38 million, betting was more consistent in August. Online casinos took in at least $34.7 million in each week of the month.

Along with earning the most revenue, The Greenbrier regained the top spot in terms of betting handle as well. It totaled over $71 million in bets, which was about $8 million more than last month.

Its two platforms, BetMGM and FanDuel, accepted more than $17 million in bets during each week. They nearly reached $19 million in handle for the week of Aug. 21.

The Greenbrier’s combination surpassed Hollywood and DraftKings, which came in around $60 million in wagers. This result was about $4 million short of its production from the previous month.

DraftKings never hit $16 million in a week in August, while its handle topped $17 million twice in July. The online casino’s best showing was almost $16 million, also occurring on the third week of the month.

Mountaineer placed third for the month but saw an increase in betting. Its BetRivers app was responsible for over $11 million in handle, which was a jump up of about $2 million from July.

The online casino saw a minimum of $2.6 million in weekly bets, including the first time it’s bested $3 million.

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