Some West Virginia Sports Bettors Celebrating Super Bowl Monday

Written By Kim Yuhl on February 4, 2019 - Last Updated on March 15, 2023
Super Bowl Monday

Where are you spending the day after the Super Bowl, otherwise known as Super Bowl Monday? If you are taking a little extra time in the morning to get to work or staying home after Sunday’s festivities, you are not alone.

Businesses will be slightly understaffed thanks to a phenomenon called Super Bowl Monday. Super Bowl Monday is an unofficial holiday for those that enjoyed the Big Game just a bit too much.

With the anticipation of the Big Game at an all-time high thanks to West Virginia sports betting, it is likely football fans in the Mountain State are joining the Super Bowl Monday celebration.

Is Super Bowl Monday a thing?

Captivate’s Office Pulse conducted a study that says Super Bowl Monday will cost companies approximately $484 million in productivity. And in a separate survey performed by Monster, nearly 12 percent of the workforce plan to take Monday off to recuperate.

Between planned days off, calling in “sick,” arriving late, or lack of focus there probably won’t be much work getting done. What’s more, those at work will likely be talking about the game, the half-time show or the much-anticipated commercials.

In fact, the study shows three-fourths of the workplace will be buried in Super Bowl discussions on Monday.

And there is a lot to talk about, too. Just about everything fell short of expectations. The ratings were the lowest in ten years and the low-scoring game was what some considered a snoozefest.

To keep themselves entertained, NFL fans took to Twitter to share their discontent and last night’s tweets may make it into Super Bowl Monday’s water-cooler talk.

Super Bowl Twitter for the win

The best part of Super Bowl LIII might have just been Super Bowl Twitter. Unfortunately for the NFL, there was more action on Twitter than on the field.

The best tweet of the night may have come from Mercedes-Benz USA:

“If this game weren’t in my stadium, I would have driven away by now.”

Eventually, the company deleted the post, but plenty of followers chimed in and agreed before they did.

A few other nuggets from the night:

For every football fan, there is a Super Bowl half-time fan, and this year’s show was deemed meh, at best – not unlike the game itself.

West Virginia Rep. Shawn Fluharty had something to say about it:

The French Embassy did some good old-fashioned trolling:

And finally, what many of us were feeling:

All was not lost, however, thanks to The Empress of Soul, Gladys Knight who sang the National Anthem in what many are saying is one of the best performances in the history of the Super Bowl.

West Virginia sportsbooks remained relatively silent

West Virginia sports betting is in its infancy. Sports betting has only been legal in the state since August 2017. Knowing that one would think sportsbook promotion would be a big deal. It is quite surprising that WV sportsbooks were relatively silent ahead of the big game.

The Greenbrier was the only casino to actually tweet about the Big Game on Super Bowl Sunday. Kudos to Wheeling Island for tweeting about their Super Bowl Party plans ahead of the big game, but they did so only once. Beyond that, it was radio silence from the rest of the casinos, though.

Even BetLucky, WV’s only mobile sports betting app, didn’t promote its lines or encourage bettors to get some skin in the game. In the end, WV sportsbook’s Twitter game was as underwhelming as the Big game itself.

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