Betting Scene: An Inside Look At FanDuel Sportsbook at The Greenbrier

Written By Sean Chaffin on May 9, 2019 - Last Updated on March 20, 2023
FanDuel Sportsbook at The Greenbrier

The West Virginia sports betting scene has been a whirlwind of news in recent weeks. Mobile betting may not be an option now, but three WV sportsbooks remain open and offer plenty of action.

The FanDuel Sportsbook at The Greenbrier is one of those, and Brian Giompalo recently spent four days at the property. That included plenty of sports betting as Tiger Woodswin at the Masters played out in all its glory.

Giompalo, 50, hails from Huntington, West Virginia, and has been a sports bettor for more than 30 years. He’s been going to the Greenbrier for at least one week a year since his honeymoon in 1990.

When it comes to sports betting at the property, Giompalo offers plenty of insight.

FanDuel Sportsbook: a unique WV sportsbook

The Greenbrier isn’t like the other WV casinos. Officially known as The Casino Club at Greenbrier, the property is the only private casino in the U.S.

A high-end resort, the property stresses high standards of dress and a relaxing “high society” environment. That also comes across in the dress code.

During the day, men must wear collared shirts and slacks and jackets after 7 p.m. Women must also dress appropriately.

The resort is set on 11,000 acres in the city of White Sulphur Springs in the Allegheny Mountains. Casino access is restricted to club members and hotel guests only.

Giompalo shares his overall impression of the casino.

“The uniqueness of the casino isn’t as shocking to me because it fits the theme of the whole resort. With that said, the casino is best described as ‘James Bond-esque.’ It reminds me of an upscale casino in a Sean Connery Bond movie.”

That goes the sportsbook as well. The FanDuel Sportsbook opened its doors last September after agreeing to partner with this “James Bond” casino.

At look inside FanDuel Sportsbook

While the sportsbook may be small compared to major Las Vegas casinos, there are several TVs for checking out games.

During the Masters, Giompalo was at the property for all four days of the tournament. There was a definite buzz in the air. Undoubtedly, being a major golf resort added some extra excitement to the event.

Giompalo described the atmosphere.

“The overall significance of golf at the resort made the sports book scene very busy. It almost had a tele-track horse race atmosphere. Guys were reacting to every putt and every shot.

“The accommodations were, as usual, as amazing and luxurious as any in America.”

The resort was at 92 percent occupancy that Saturday, according to a conversation Giompalo had with the manager. No doubt many of those were booking a few bets from golf to basketball to NFL futures.

Because it’s a private casino, the sportsbook runs well behind the state’s other two functional casinos in revenue. The Hollywood Casino Sportsbook leads the pack followed by the Mountaineer Sportsbook. William Hill supplies sports betting to both.

Ready for WV online betting options

The Greenbrier’s partnership with FanDuel paves the way for an eventual mobile offering. Before BetLucky Sportsbook, WV’s only mobile sports betting app, closed, Giompalo says mobile wagering was gaining traction and he was using it often.

“I wasn’t alone. My local bookmaker was experiencing a huge drop in his business due to the app.”

On Twitter and Facebook, Giompalo consistently receives replies from other West Virginia players waiting for mobile wagering to return. He might just get his wish with the recent approval of new licensees for online sports betting apps, including:

Giompalo said:

“I’m not sure what BetLucky reported their numbers as being. but the local gambling scene where I live was migrating to the betting app because of ease and accessibility.”

At the FanDuel, Giompalo even found he liked betting on hockey.

The mobile wagering scene has been a frustration with this bettor and many others, but there is now some hope.

“Thanks for shining a light on the problem here,” he says. “We want our mobile app back now.”

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