Champion Gaming Attempts To Take Over Sports Betting Industry Through Analytics

Written By Chris Imperiale on February 16, 2022 - Last Updated on February 26, 2022
Champion Gaming Taking The Sports Betting Industry By Storm

While Mountain State residents are in good shape regarding their legal sports betting landscape, there are always ways to improve.

Enter Champion Gaming, a sports betting data and analytics company, looking to provide expert content to a wide range of people. It calls itself “the premier sports intelligence destination for teams, bettors, players and fans.”

Champion Gaming initially launched in April 2021, thanks to co-founder and CEO Ken Hershman.

He is HBO Sports’ former president. There, he made a name for himself by getting the network involved in delivering the top boxing matches. Hershman also has a background in law to go with his familiarity with finance and securities during his time at Shearman & Sterling.

His newest venture with Champion Gaming wants to take advantage of the popularity of sports betting in the US and the world.

It gives bettors exclusive tools to help them handicap games and make betting decisions. Champion wants to take the sports betting process to the next level through data, content and simulations.

Champion Gaming’s sports betting analytics

Sports betting is continuing to become more popular throughout the country. Currently, more than 30 states offer legal sportsbooks.

West Virginia sportsbooks originally went live in August 2019 with the release of DraftKings WV.

From that point, this state, along with lots of others, has been growing its sports betting market. For example, WV residents now have a total of six different online apps to use. This expansion was part of the reason Hershman wanted to dive in with Champion Gaming. According to Proactive, he said:

“Sports wagering is one of the fastest-growing global markets, and that was attractive to me. The ability to use my background in connecting sports and storytelling to this new booming market was also very appealing.”

Progress and partnership

Champion is already making progress, partnering with several helpful brands in the sports betting space. It raised $3.65 million recently and acquired the company EdjSports.

EdjSports is another data provider with algorithms in place that help consumers through its website, NFL teams and media outlets. It is the parent company of Football Outsiders, another partner of Champion Gaming.

This site is known for football analytics spanning professionals, college football and fantasy. It created several metrics used in the NFL today, like Defense-Adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA).

An additional brand in Champion Gaming’s portfolio is EdjVarsity. This one covers predictive play calling for high school football teams. At the moment, more than 70 programs around the country use this service for in-game assistance.

Hershman knows that he already has the attention of many from these existing sites. He said:

“Our brands have a growing audience — we’ve seen over 2.5 billion impressions in 2020 across channels for EdjSports and Football Outsiders. Our NFL-focused EdjSports is now expanding into new sports including the National Basketball Association (NBA), Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and golf. Football Outsiders is an advertiser-supported free service and also offers the ability to subscribe to more robust tools and content through its Football Outsiders Plus offering.”

The customer base already established at these partners should help Champion Gaming expand quickly.

Champion Gaming’s footprint

Another factor that will likely benefit Champion Gaming is its ability to provide a wider range of sports coverage. As Hershman mentioned, its sites primarily based around football will now also feature others.

To solidify this move even further, the company partnered with more outside help. It came to an agreement with Inpredictable to give information for the basketball side of things in the NBA and WNBA.

Another deal came with Massey Ratings. It gives objective team evaluations for sports within professional leagues, college and high school.

Champion Gaming now supplies analytics for over 20 various sports.

The NFL and football is certainly one of the central focuses of the company; however, it understands the importance of having a wider scope. Hershman’s product has helped build relationships with the NFL and its teams, securing some credibility throughout the sports betting world.

Fans, bettors and even broadcasters of lots of different sports now can find a use for this sort of data. Hershman explained:

“Our diversified revenue model underscores why I think our company can grow. We have such high expectations for where we are going precisely because we’re not a one-trick company.”

Champion Gaming’s future outlook

Hershman is excited about the future and what the sports betting industry has in store going forward. Champion Gaming’s CEO believes it can take a giant leap in terms of money sooner than later. He said:

“Currently, almost 40% of the US population has access to online sports wagering. According to the American Gaming Association, there’s $13 billion of sports betting today, and I predict the industry will soar past $100 billion in the near future. We’re excited to be a part of that ecosystem.”

Hershman doesn’t want to just stop there, though. He intends to take things worldwide, citing that there are “five billion sports fans globally.”

As far as making its product better, Champion Gaming has its eye on live wagering. Lots of its current content development is geared toward in-game markets as live betting gets more popular in every sport.

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